Friday, September 5, 2008


1.This FALL show off your feminine side with soft florals, ruffles and velvets.
If you are going for the Romance Trend, the romantic looks works best worn in small doses: a ruffled blouse paired with a menswear suit or a soft floral dress grounded with a leather belt and pumps.

2. A belt lover, aren’t you?? This season, it's all about waist-defining belt (especially a skinny belt). A thin belt is a perfect way to ground all of those ruffled and bowed looks for fall; it is also a polished way to top off a cardigan or jacket. Although skinny belts are hot, not many women can carry off this look. Try a belt that's about 1 or 2 inches wide for a more figure-friendly look.

3. The colour of the season : Blue - in hues ranging from slate blue to electric blue. Choose an intensity that compliments your coloring if you are wearing it close to the face (i.e. softer blues for fair skin, intense blue for darker coloring). Blue mixes beautifully with grays (another great fall color), purples, even black.

4. This season designers fell in love with all types of plaid and other bold menswear prints. Bold plaids and checks work great for wraps, coats, jackets and scarves when paired with a solid, dark color bottom. You won't need to accessorize a big plaid -the print takes center stage.

5. The menswear vest - whether worn open over a floral print or buttoned up is a great layered look that anyone can wear. Monochromatic vests and shirts are chic and slimming; hip-length vests or shorter can be worn unbuttoned over everything from floaty prints to sweaters. For a very chic new look, try an unbuttoned vest belted with a skinny belt.

6. The perfect accessory for those tunic-length tops, sweaters and dresses? The answer is Necklace. Go long and bold over chunky knits, scale the pendant down to wear in open necklines. Look for everything from bold plastic shapes (chain, oval, etc.) to metal pieces to classic pearls.

7. From sweet little bowed blouses to huge novelty bows, this girly look is one you'll want to try for fall. The oversized bow works great for eveningwear. Soft bow blouses are one of fall's biggest trends and you'll love how they work under jackets, cardigans and vests.

This fashion article is an excerpt of "10 Fall Trends You'll Love to Wear" by Cynthia Nellis at©